Marija Jemuovic - Episerver Most Valued Professional,
Software Architect and Board Game Geek

About me

My name is Marija Jemuovic Delibasic, an Episerver developer and architect. I hold a MSc degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from ETF in Belgrade, Serbia.

I have been working at a Swedish company called Mogul since 2010 with Episerver as well as custom .NET based solutions. In 2014, I have been awarded with Episerver Most Valued Professional award for my community contributions, which I proudly hold today.

During my student days, I was an active member of EESTEC, which gave me a great opportunity to lead an International organization of 2000 students

together with my boardies. Ever since 2007, I've been delivering soft skills trainings on motivation, communication and leadership.

My family consists of my super handsome husband, our parents, brothers and sisters (and of course their partners). I send all my love to them and my wonderful friends.

I adore nature, hiking, skiing as well as playing board games (I recommend Avalon at least twice a week), singing (at least twice a day) and a bit of cooking.

Playing Avalon




Singing while coding, taking a break for skiing, not going to bed before a game of Avalon


Development is a safe harbour

I do love the entire development process, figuring out what we want to build, communicating within the team and with client, but most of all, I enjoy diving into code and seeing how it progresses. The result of building something from the scratch and seeing it in action is simply amazing!

  • Clean code I love, as well as:
  • Getting things done
  • Figuring out a new "better practice"