Marija Jemuovic - Episerver Most Valued Professional,
Software Architect and Board Game Geek

About me

My name is Marija Jemuovic, an Episerver developer and architect. I hold a MSc degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from ETF in Belgrade, Serbia.

I used to work at a Swedish company called Mogul since 2010 with Episerver as well as custom .NET based solutions. In 2014, I have been awarded with Episerver Most Valued Professional award for my community contributions, which I proudly hold today.

In April 2018, I have happily joined one of the best companies focusing on Episerver Commerce, Geta Digital, which I am helping build a team of competent & fun full-stack developers here in Belgrade.

During my student days, I was an active member of EESTEC, which gave me a great opportunity to lead an International organization of 2000 students together with my boardies. Ever since 2007, I've been delivering soft skills trainings on motivation, communication and leadership.

I adore nature, hiking, skiing as well as playing board games (I recommend Avalon at least twice a week), singing (at least twice a day) and a bit of cooking.

Playing Avalon




Singing while coding, taking a break for skiing, not going to bed before a game of Avalon


Development is a safe harbour

I love the process. Figuring out what to build, communicating within the team & client, but most of all, I enjoy diving into code and seeing how it progresses. The result of building something from the scratch and seeing it in action is simply amazing!

  • Clean code I love, as well as:
  • Getting things done
  • Figuring out a new "better practice"