Join Episerver meetup group in Serbia!


Join Episerver meetup group in Serbia!

Join Episerver meetup group in Serbia!


Here are some ideas when you should join or talk:

  • If you are sitting in Serbia or are a regular visitor, join us at!
  • If you'd like to speak or have other ideas about knowledge and experiences sharing, please contact me at marija.jemuovic [at]
  • If you are a foreign visitor and have a pre-planned trip to Serbia (or you just got that fabulous idea ;)), ping me.

The goals of the group are:

  • Give developers a stage to demonstrate and share some of their work and experiences with Episerver and web development in general.
  • Help further encourage and engage Serbian Episerver developer community.

The short term objectives are:

  • Focus on more often meetups - once every three months to start with (even if not high budgeted in terms of catering).
  • Get at least 30 members in the next two months.
  • Organize a meetup in January.